Chaplain Fullmer, Chair

Prof. Michael Schroeder

Keo Oura Kounlavong-Sabath

Prof. Kerrie Smedley

Venus Ricks

Thomas M. Hanrahan

Katheryn O'Hara '15

McKenna Snyder ’14

Samuel Porter '16

Mission: To promote civility and mutual respect among all members of the LVC community by assessing situations and events that appear to violate the terms of our social compact expressed in the oath of matriculation when students promise “to respect the community and each of its members as colleagues.”

Character: The Bias Response Team (BRT) will constitute a forum for members of the LVC community to seek advice and guidance regarding perceived instances of harassment and acts of bias based on race, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. The team will serve as a “first responder” and triage to which people can turn for immediate counsel and assistance.

Function: To provide sympathetic and informed counsel for individuals or groups seeking assistance regarding perceived incidents of harassment or intimidation, with an eye toward strengthening the community against bias and encouraging civility and inclusion.

Membership: Eight persons (two faculty, three administrators, three students) appointed by the President. The Chaplain and the Director of Multicultural Affairs will normally serve as two of the three administrative members of the team. The Team reports directly to the President and will meet with the President at least once each semester and more often as required.

Reporting and Consultation:

  1. Individuals who experience or observe instances of harassment or intimidation may seek the counsel of any member of the BRT as an alternative to the direct reporting of such incidents according to the terms of the College’s policies on harassment.
  2. The BRT will caucus, normally under the leadership of the Chaplain, as soon as possible following the reporting of alleged incidents and consider how to advise the person bringing the allegation. A member of the team will be in contact with the reporting individual(s) no more than 1 day after the report to discuss the issue further and share options with the individual(s).
  3. The BRT will not investigate reported incidents, and will not engage directly in any judicial action but may recommend that as an option.
  4. The BRT will promptly inform the President and recommend an individual response and, when appropriate, a college-wide response to incidents reported.
  5. Apart from any allegations brought directly to the BRT, the President may seek the counsel and advice of the BRT from time to time on general questions regarding the temper of the College’s social and residential climate.

What is harassment? 
What are examples of harassing behavior? 
What is a bias incident? 
What should I do if I believe that I am a victim of, or witness to, a bias incident? 
What will Lebanon Valley College do if I report a bias incident? 
What is sexual harassment? 
What should I do if I believe that I am a victim of, or witness to, sexual harassment? 

Thank you for your help in making LVC a safe, friendly, and welcoming place for all students, staff, and faculty.