A Note for Guest Organists

The organ in Miller Chapel is a 3 manual Schantz pipe organ. A specification list is enclosed for information. Memory levels 95-100 have been reserved for wedding organists. You may set your pistons on a memory at your Friday evening rehearsal and be assured that the pistons will not be changed before your Saturday wedding. After the wedding, the pistons may be cleared for future organists.

The chapel organ is used by the college on a regular basis by the students for practice and lessons. Because of this heavy schedule, practice time is limited for guest wedding organists. The organ will be available to the organist and the wedding soloist one hour prior to the start of the wedding rehearsal and one hour after the conclusion of the wedding rehearsal. Guest organists may also schedule two hours practice time on the day of the wedding (to schedule this time, the organist should contact the chapel secretary at 717-867-6135).