Doubles Badminton

Game Shall be Played Between 2 Teams of 2 Players

  1. To win a match, you have to win 2 out of 3 games. To win a game you have to score 15 points.
  2. You score a point when your opponent can not return the shuttle or the shuttle he/she returns fall out of bounds.
  3. All lines are considered in bounds
  4. A player may not touch the net with a racket or history body during play.
  5. A birdie may not come to rest or be carried on the racket.
  6. A birdie may hit the net on its way across during play and the rally can continue.
  7. A player may not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock.
The serve:
  1. A coin is tossed before the first game, and the winner of the toss may serve first or pick an end of the court.
  2. Only the serving side can score points. If you win a rally in which your opposition served, you win back the service rights.
  3. The serve must travel diagonally (cross court) to be good.
  4. A serve that touches the net and lands in the proper court is called a let serve and is reserved, otherwise, only one serve is permitted to each court until a side out occurs. A serve that is totally missed may be tried again.
  5. The racket must make contact with the birdie below the waist on a serve.
  6. The server and receiver shall stand within their respective service courts until the serve is made.
  7. All lines are considered in bounds.
  8. In doubles badminton: Player A from Team 1 serves from the right hand side of his/her court, if he/she wins the point, then Player A serves from the left side of his/her court. Player A continues alternating sides until he/she loses the service, after which, Player B from Team 2 gets the serve. Whoever is on the right side of Team 2’s court when they obtain the serve, serves first. This person continues serving in the same fashion as the earlier servers. This player, Player B, continues serving until he/she loses the service, when Player C from Team 1 serves.
** All questions should be directed to either your IM coordinators whose phone numbers and email will be provided when you sign up