Club Sports

The goal of LVC Club Sports is to provide opportunities for healthy exercise & to enrich social competence. All eligible students, staff & faculty are invited to play!

To register for club sports, go to This link will allow you to create a personal account in the imleagues database for Lebanon Valley College. Captains should register a team name in the selected sport and invite prospective team mates to register under that team name. If you have any questions you can email Melissa at All games are played in the evenings, Sunday through Wednesday. All captains and players will be guided to take a quiz prior to registering.

Club Sports

Co-Ed Flag Football League
Team consists of 7 players, a minimum of 2 females must be on the team & play. 5 weeks of regular season & a playoff week.

Co-Ed Volleyball League
Team consists of 6 players, may play with minimum of 4. A minimum of 2 males & 2 females must be on the team.

Basketball League
A 5-on-5 league. Separate leagues for males & females. May have up to 12 people on a roster.