Peer Mentors

A Peer Mentor (PM) is an undergraduate student who leads a group of approximately 15-20 new or transfer students throughout the first semester of their experience at LVC. The Peer Mentor relationship begins during the orientation weekend and ends at the conclusion of the fall semester. The primary mission of the Peer Mentor Program is to ease the transition of new students to Lebanon Valley College so that they may succeed personally, socially, and academically. Additionally, the program helps each new student connect with other peers, an upper-class mentor, and ultimately, the institution as a whole. Peer Mentors are compensated with meals during training, a t-shirt, a small stipend, and the satisfaction of serving the LVC community while engaging in extensive leadership training.

Objectives of the Peer Mentor Program:

  • To acquaint each new and transfer student with Lebanon Valley College—its structure, services, and unique personality;
  • To help new students connect with other peers and at least one upper-class student in a meaningful, positive way;
  • To assist the student in personal assessment of his/her abilities and support their transition academically, socially, and personally;
  • To promote attendance at out-of-class academic, social, and cultural events;
  • To promote participation in meaningful campus activities.
Expectations of the Peer Mentor are:
  • Attend all training sessions and events for PMs;
  • Complete all of the program components with your group and attend all New Student Orientation programs and events;
  • Set positive examples for others in personal, academic, and social behavior;
  • Become acquainted with all students in their group and other new students and establish positive relationships;
  • Be aware of student’s attitudes and be sensitive to individual as well as group needs;Encourage a sense of individual responsibility;
  • Be knowledgeable about on and off-campus services for appropriate referral;
  • Show interest and encourage others to participate in and attend various college events;
  • Promote student interaction;
  • Keep track of which students attend events and programs;
  • To follow up with their students throughout the entire year to ensure their success and well adjustment to LVC;
  • To maintain open lines of communication and support throughout the year with the group. 
Expectations of the Head Peer Mentor are:
  • Meet all expectations of those of a regular Peer Mentor;
  • Serve as a representative at the New Student Advising Days program in May;
  • Assist in the preparation for and actual training of Peer Mentors;
  • To be an additional contact for Peer Mentors to go to for support.

Interested in being a Peer Mentor for the Fall of 2011?
Applications are available starting February 7th!  Pick them up at the College Center Desk or print them from here!

Important Dates for 2011 Peer Mentor Selection

Monday, February 7:     Applications available
Thursday, February 10:     Interest Session, 4:30 p.m., Lower Level Mund
Friday, February 11:     Interest Session, noon, Lower Level Mund
Friday, March 18:     Applicants due to Deb Bishop, Secretary for Student Activities, by 4 p.m.
New applicants and Head PM applicants must schedule an interview
when dropping off aplication! Returning PM's DO NOT
March 21-30:     Interview Process
Friday, April 1:     Notifications sent via campus email
Friday, April 8:     Acceptance due to College Center by 4 p.m.
Wednesday, April 27:     Mandatory Introductory Meeting at 5 p.m., Faust Lounge
May, 17, 18, and 21:     New Student Advising Days (Head Peer Mentors must attend)
Thursday, August 18:     Head Peer Mentors arrive
Tuesday, August 23:     Peer Mentor Training begins
Friday, August 26:     Peer Mentor Training ends
Saturday, August 27:     New and Transfer student orientation begins!
Monday, August 29:     Advising Day
Tuesday, August 30:     Orientation ends and classes begin at 8 a.m.