Study Abroad/Domestic Study Budget Information Sheets

The Study Abroad Office has designed budget information sheets for each off-campus program so that students can accurately anticipate their financial needs for their semester away. The information provided on each budget sheet reflects both actual costs and estimated costs based on input from students who have returned from a study off-campus semester within the past academic year. Each sheet includes an itemized list of the tuition, fees, housing, board, books and supplies, travel to and from the program, personal expenses, local commuting expenses (if applicable), passport and student visa fees, and any additional required expenses related to your study plans.

It is very important to understand that non-billable costs will fluctuate and vary by location, personal spending habits, and preferences.

Budget Sheets for:

      Athens, Greece

      Berlin, Germany

      Buenos Aires, Argentina

      Cambridge, England

      Hamilton, New Zealand

      London, England

      Melbourne, Australia

      Montpellier, France

      Perugia, Italy

      Philadelphia Internship Program

      Valladolid, Spain

      Washington D.C. Internship Program