What To Expect


  • Students complete and submit the LVC Study Abroad application. At this time, your child will discuss their course of study and classes that will fulfill LVC requirements during their time abroad. In addition, if your child does not have a passport, the application should be started immediately.
  • Once accepted, application directly to the international program occurs. Additionally, students complete documents necessary to complete their time abroad, and ensure their course selections are made for the semester they return to LVC.

Arriving in their target countries: 

  • Depending on the program, arrival in the host country can vary. Typically, students are escorted to the host institutions location or are met by their homestay families.

Expect a period of adjustment:

  • Studying abroad obviously requires living in different surroundings and cultures. Many times students need to adjust to new experiences such as living in a city, utilizing public transportation, and navigating in a foreign language. Be sure to keep in touch with your child via e-mail, free texting and calling apps, and/or consider international cell phones.

LVC encourages parents to visit their children while abroad. Host programs may hold excursions during the semester and school holidays that vary from the U.S. schedule. Be sure to check those dates prior to making your travel plans. Also, if you do not hold a passport, begin your application process soon. We recommend that at least one family member holds a valid passport in case of an emergency with your child overseas. Locate passport application information at

Returning Home:

  • Just as students may experience a period of adjustment at the beginning of their study abroad experience, they may need time to adjust to life at home.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Off-Campus?

  • Students pay LVC tuition to participate in all LVC affiliated programs.
  • Room and board payments vary by program. If charged room and/or board, students are charged LVC room and/or board semester costs.
  • Additional costs may include airfare, student visa fees, host country health insurance, and spending money.
  • Financial aid and scholarships (Vickroy, etc.) can be applied for one semester* for all LVC affiliated study off-campus programs. Presidential Award and Allwein scholarship recipients will receive the equivalent of a Vickroy scholarship (50% tuition reduction) for the off-campus semester. For the Australia, Washington Center and Philadelphia Center Internship programs, institutional financial aid will be limited to a maximum 33% tuition. Tuition remission and tuition exchange students will receive partial tuition reduction for the semester off-campus.  

*Double foreign language majors retain institutional aid for two study abroad semesters.

Please refer to the Financial Policies page and the Budget Information page for more detailed cost information.

Pre-Departure Information for Parents

Each semester prior to departure, we hold an orientation for parents and students participating in our programs. You will receive notice regarding the dates in the mail.

Please refer to the Resources page for important pre-departure information.

Student Forms - All in PDF format
    Study Abroad Application
    Study Abroad Forms Checklist
    Enrollment in a Study Off-Campus Program
    Application for In-Absentia Status
    Power of Attorney/Acknowledgement of Agent
    Assumption of Risk - general programs
    Assumption of Risk - Athens, Greece
    Statement of Student Insurance Coverage For Study Abroad
    Registration for the Semester of Your Return