Gift of Securities

Federal Tax Number: 23-1352354
Broker Contact Information:

Christina Harrell, Sr. Registered Client Associate
Pleet Investment Group
Wells Fargo Advisors
919 Russell Drive
Lebanon, PA 17042

Phone: 717-228-5824
Toll Free: 1-866-344-3882
Fax: 717-270-5312

College Account Number at Wells Fargo Securities: 5001-5081 Lebanon Valley
DTC Number: 0141


There are two easy ways to give securities to LVC:

1) The DTC Automated Stock Transfer System
To transfer stock using the automated system, you will need to give your broker the following information:

a. Depository Trust Company for credit to Wells Fargo Securities
b. Lebanon Valley College Account Number at Wells Fargo Securities
c. Depository for Settlement—Wells Fargo Securities
d. Complete "Special Instructions" with donor's name and date of transfer.

Please call and tell us the name of the stock being transferred, the number of shares, and where it is being transferred from (e.g., Merrill Lynch-Manhattan), so we can alert Wells Fargo Securities prior to the transaction.

2) Using Actual Stock Certificates
a. Contact LVC to request a stock power form from Wells Fargo Securities.
b. Complete the stock power and send it via first class mail in a separate envelope with a copy of your note of instructions.
c. Send the certificate—DO NOT SIGN IT—unsigned and therefore not negotiable, in a separate envelope (we recommend using registered mail). Include a note with instructions (e.g. "These # shares are my Valley Fund gift.")

The certificate remains non-negotiable until it is joined with the stock power at the College. The date for establishing the gift-value of the stock is the postmarked date it passes from your control. Once you have made your gift, please contact:

    Melodie Hoff
    Development Financial Coordinator
    Phone: 717-867-6221 or 1-866-LVC-1866 (1-866-582-1866)