High Impact: Shaping Voice in Their World

“I’ve been blessed with an incredibly valuable education, and it’s my duty and my honor to give back to students who simply don’t have access to the resources that I’ve had all of my life.”

Cassie Diaz ’14, a music education and vocal performance major, received an Arnold Grant that recently sent her to Asuncion, Paraguay for a three-week summer experience. Diaz traveled with Dr. Rebecca Lister, associate professor of music, and immersed herself in vocal pedagogy.  

Diaz developed lesson plans, coached three students,
and was able to receive immediate feedback from Lister on her teaching methods. Additionally, Diaz observed voice teachers at two Paraguayan universities and performed a recital with Lister at the Municipal Theater, accompanied by orchestra.  

Lister describes the scholarly benefits of the experience. “As a future music teacher, she’ll work with the voices of her young students every day. She’ll need to create approaches that will enhance her students’ individual vocal technique.”

Diaz credits her journey with instilling perspective, understanding, and compassion. “Every privileged American student should give herself a chance to see how an international experience can open her eyes to something bigger.”

GOAL: $250,000

Your investment in the High-impact Experience Fund underwrites activities that deepen student learning and engagement. These transformative experiences include study abroad, undergraduate research, service learning, and professional internships.

Since 2011, Dr. E. H. Arnold H'87 and Dr. Jeanne Donlevy Arnold H'08 generously have provided $50,000 in yearly grants to support transformative student experiences. Increased interest has meant intense competition, with just one-third of proposals earning funding. To fulfill its charge, LVC must provide more opportunities for all students.