The Hearsey Scholarship for Actuarial Science


Updated 1/31/12
ACTEX Publications
Justin L. Albert '05
Stacey L. Anthony '88
Melissa L. Askey '91
Kristen Y. Augustine '05
Karen L. Ayres '82 and William P. Ayres
Bethany L. Barger '01 and Bradley M. Barger '00
Dr. Philip A. Billings and Sue A. Billings
Steven and Jane Black
Stephanie A. Blanda '09
Marie G. Bongiovanni
Mark A. Bonsall
Russell P. Bonsall '64
Dorothy A. and Dennis M. Brehm P'03, P'10
Mary C. and Terrance P. Breidenstine Sr.
Dr. Patrick Brewer
Kathleen L. Burt '94 and Jeffrey R. Burt '93
Brian L. Cain '84, P'09 and Theresa Cain P'09
William N. Campbell Jr. '83 and Theresa M. Campbell '88
Scott V. Carney '78
Jamie N. Cecil M'07 and J. Matthew Cecil M'10
Amber N. Cenci '11 and Curt D. Cenci '11
Bailey L. Claeys '07
Julie K. Claeys '81, P'07 and Brian R. Claeys '81, P'07
Jason A. Clay '04
John D. Coffin '79 and Nancy M. Coffin '79
Lisa M. and Michael G. Corning
Donna B. Cullinan '78 and Patrick M. Cullinan '79
Ann E. Damiano
Andrea J. Danch '81
Spencer J. Dech '96
Carol J. Dewald '86, P'04 and The Rev. Timothy M. Dewald P'04
Wendy S. DiRico '85 and Robert A. DiRico '85
Dr. Deanna L. Dodson
Amy L. Dural '05
Catherine E. and Timothy T. Eberly P'13
Jane K. Egermann '74
Rebecca M. Elliott '98
Kenneth M. and Kathie Eshenour
Dr. Stephanie A. Falk and Tony Allwein
Brian M. Fernandes '91
David L. Ferrari '99 and Vicki L. Ferrari '99
Becky A. Firestone
William M. and Phyllis M. Fleischman
Dr. Arthur L. Ford Jr. '59 and Mary Ellen Ford
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
        Second Anonymous In and Out Fund
        on behalf of Conrad and Gail Siegel
        Alyce and Morton Spector Philanthropic Fund #2
        on behalf of Alyce and Morton Spector
        Tom and Lauren Zimmerman Family Fund
        on behalf of Tom and Lauren Zimmerman
Laura E. Frederick '05 and Matthew J. Frederick '05
Dr. Michael D. Fry and Suzanne Fry
Deborah R. Fullam '81, P'07 and Walter F. Fullam '80, P'07
Adam M. Gingerich '05
William C. Gingrich '65
Cherie and Paul D. Graby
Ryan J. Grusemeyer '12
Glenn A. Hafer '82
The Hairworks
Nicholas A. Hamblet '04
Dr. Robert E. Hamilton and Judith C. Hamilton P'92
The Hartford
Carolyn L. Hearsey '83
Melinda and Richard Hearsey
Scott E. Henck '97 and Dorota Henck
Paul W. and Marilyn B. Hibshman P'87
Pamela S. and Robert M. Hillegas P'97
Amy J. Himmelberger '90
Jason W. Hoffer '01
Brent A. Hoffman '03
Sandy B. Holt '96
Dr. David W. Lyons P'12 and Maria B. Howe P'12
Ted A. and Lois A. Hummel
Sharon B. Hurst '06, P'08, P'11 and Jon E. Hurst P'08, P'11
Scott T. Inners '83
Melissa H. Jimeno '96
Dr. John P. Kearney and Carol J. Kearney
Timothy C. Keister '03
Joan D. and Jack H. Kelley
David E. Kerr '83
David H. Killick '81 and Kellie A. Killick
Myles D. Kitchen '07
Dr. Daniel W. Koon '81
Justine J. and John B. Kreifels
Kay E. Kufera '84
Dr. David I. Lasky and Ann Lasky P'86
Lisa S. Lee '93
David Lilien '72
Lara London
Richard L. London '65
Lac D. Longson '89
Misty L. Ludewig '02

Jeremy A. Maisto
Mary S. Mamet '85
John R. Markley '76
Marion M. Markowicz
Fredrik and Stephanie A. Martenson
J. Gary McDivitt '75
Dr. William J. McGill H'98 and Ellen B. McGill
Renee M. McGovern '05
Jaira M. McJilton '05
Dr. Mark L. Mecham and Patsy T. Mecham
Anthony A. Meyers '86
Sandra K. and Larry D. Miller
W. Jay Mills '90 and Debra M. Mills '90
Dr. Owen A. Moe Jr. and Kathleen Moe
Philip G. and Susan Morgan P'95
Chester Q. Mosteller '75
Rebecca E. Mozi '96 and Stephen M. Mozi '96
Robert J. Mrazik '79 and Susan S. Mrazik '80
Thomas G. Myers '83
Alan M. Newsome '07
Dr. John D. Norton and Phyllis Norton
Lori A. Nyce '92
Rhonda B. Ochs '84
Amy E. Ovuka '02
Lisa A. Pfautz '00
William H. Phifer '74 and Sue B. Phifer '75
Daniel A. Pitonyak '08
Dr. Sidney Pollack and Hanna Pollack
Melissa A. Poole '05 and Kevin M. Poole '05, M'09
Daniel P. Post '99 and Allison E. Post '98, '00
The Rev. Dr. Lawrence H. Potts '82, P'08 and Carol S. Potts '82, P'08
Rachuba Family Foundation, Inc.
        on behalf of Theresa A. Leatherbury
Shannon K. Ream '93 and Gregory J. Allwein
Summer A. Red '01
Dean R. Reigner '92
Janice L. Rexroth '87
Frank S. Rhodes '83, P'08 and Kay K. Rhodes '83, P'08
Michael J. Ridler '00
Robert A. and Brenda M. Riley
Vaughn W. Robbins '84
Sheila M. Roche-Cooper '77 and Capt. Charles T. Cooper
David R. Rogers '67 and Millie Rogers
Dr. David V. Rudd and Shirley Rudd
Eric D. Ruppert '10 and Michelle A. Ruppert '11
Wayne Sallurday Jr. '97
Denise D. and Thomas D. Sanders P'07
Richard Sanderson
A. Bruce and Kathy Sattazahn
Cheryl D. Sault '84 and Charles J. Sault
Letitia M. Saylor '89
Linda M. Schaeffer '75
Ronald O. Schlee '76
Karen A. Schmitt '80
James C. Schoch '76
Poh Foo See '97
Jeane L. Serrian '88
Nancy A. and Richard H. Shertzer
William D. Shumway '75, P'00 and Thelma M. Shumway P'00
Carrie Skovrinskie '98
Marion D. Smith
Susan M. and Michael Snyder Sr. P'09, P'11
Harold L. Spangler Jr. '95
Marty H. Stabley '78
Michael T. Stamm '97 and Jennifer P. Stamm '00
Karen E. Stoltzfus '81 and James G. Stoltzfus '81
Dr. R. Thomas Stone '93
Leslie R. Sullivan '89
Lonnie Swanger-Riley '78
Glenda J. Synodinos
Tomoyuki Tansho '98
Dr. David G. Taylor '02
Janet R. Thompson
Dr. Edward J. Timmons Jr. '01
Marie H. Tousley
Karen A. Townsend '87 and Richard D. Townsend M'98
Dr. Mark A. Townsend and Judy R. Townsend
Lauren A. Train '10
Brian C. Trust '83
United Way of the Capital Region
Mitchell T. Waddell '05
Jennifer M. Wagner '10
Luke A. Wallace '02 and Amber L. Wallace '02
Alyssa M. Wargo '11
Katrina N. Wells '12
Katherine and Robert Wentling Jr.
Jeffrey W. Wieboldt '84
Matthew S. Wischerth '11
Dr. Allan F. Wolfe and Juliana M. Wolfe
Dr. Kenneth F. Yarnall and Dr. Mary K. Pettice
Christopher J. Zebrowski '91
Thomas L. Zimmerman '83
Daniel W. Zoll '12