Writing Center Staff

Director of the Writing Center

Elizabeth Julian 
Director of the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring
Adjunct Instructor in English

Telephone: 717-867-6120
Location: Lebegern Learning Commons, Mund College Center
Email: julian@lvc.edu


The Writing Tutors serve the core of the mission of the Writing Center at Lebanon Valley College. Tutors help our clients to navigate the mysteries of the writing process by asking the important questions, by being active listeners, and by respecting the ownership of the writing by the writer. We believe in the concept that writing is a process and that it is our role to help struggling writers to learn to how to use that process efficiently and effectively in order to succeed.

Our tutors come from various backgrounds and specialties:

Jennifer Bowers, English & International Studies
Renate Berger, History Secondary Education
Jessica Coughlin, Sociology & English
Lauren Decker, Physical Therapy & Business Administration
Paige Diller, Accounting
Matthew Eshbach, Actuarial Science
Erika Fisher, English
Taylor Gerchak, Physical Therapy 
Martin Groff, English Literature & German
Hunter Heath, English & Philosophy
Genevieve Hugenbruch, International Studies, History, & German
Emily Johansen, Psychology
Lindsay Johnson, Business Administrating & English
Sarah Kensinger, Early Childhood Education
Vidya Lala, Biology & Chemistry
Katelyn Madara, Early Childhood & Special Education
Stephanie Marshall, Psychology
Katheryn O'Hara, International Studies & Spanish
Clarissa Perez, Early Childhood & Special Education
Carrie Pfleiger, Biology
Lyndsay Riedel, Digital Communications
Amanda Rozanski, Early Childhood & Special Education
Alex Rubin, Music Recording Technology, Physics, & Business Administration
Caitlin Schlaline, Early Childhood & Special Education
Nicki Shepski, English, Music, & History
Sonam Sherpa, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Carleigh Shrader, Early Childhood & Special Education
Douglas Stansley, Business Administration, Economics, & Political Science
Hannah Stone, English
Terese Sweitzer, Physics & Mathematics
Sarah Urner, English Communications & Digital Communications
Nikki Wilhelm, English Literature, German, & History
Lindsay Zwally, English